WendzelNNTPd -- a tiny open source Usenet server software for Linux, BSD and OpenSolaris. It is IPv6-ready, supports different database backends (MySQL and SQlite3), ACL and RBAC, invisible newsgroups and can prevent double-postings in newsgroups. The project exists since 2004.



Oct-26-2015: Celebrating eleven years of WendzelNNTPd anr released v2.0.7.
WendzelNNTPd-2.0.6-stable released.
Jul-30-2015: WendzelNNTPd moved to GitHub. Urls below changed.
Mar-28-2015: WendzelNNTPd-2.0.5-stable (and 2.0.4-stable) released.


  • Free & Open
    • GPLv3 licensed Open Source software
    • Portability
      • runs on Linux
      • runs on BSD
      • runs on OpenSolaris
    • ACL and Role Based Access Control
      • Supports "invisible newsgroups"
      • Supports simple Access Control Lists (ACLs) but also ...
      • ... advanced role based access control (RBAC)
    • Database abstraction
      • MySQL
      • SQlite3
    • Tiny
      • does only implement the most important NNTP commands + authentication commands
      • only about 7.400 lines of C code
      • designed for small and medium size environments (at home, small/medium size companies up to 500 users, working groups, customer support scenarios etc.)
      • based on MySQL and SQLite3
    • Easy to Use
    • Other Features
      • IPv6-ready (not the old Windows version)
      • Auto-prevention of double newsgroup posts: If a user sends a posting to two equal newsgroups, the server will add it only once to save memory on the server and the time of readers.


 Download WendzelNNTPd

Documentation for WendzelNNTPd 2-stable

Online version of the WendzelNNTPd 2 documentation (also available as PDF).