I gave talks in 12 countries (Europe, America, Oceania), at various industry events, various academic conferences and also at Hack-in-the-Box AMS, TROOPERS, Datenspuren, DFN Workshop, Chaos Singularity (CoSin), MetaRheinMain ChaosDays (MRMCD), SANS European ICS Security Summit, VDI Fachkonferenz Industrial IT Security, Chemnitzer Linuxtage (twice), Secure Linux Administration Conference (SLAC).

I also took part in several panels, was moderate of events, and gave guest talks at several universities.

If you are interested in me giving a talk at your event, then please be invited to contact me: steffen (at) wendzel (dot) de.

Talks (Selection)

  1. "Cybersecurity for Smart Buildings",
    InterSolar Europe Conference, Munich, 2017-05-31.
  2. "Sicherheit im Internet der Dinge",
    KMU meets KMH, Worms, 2017-05-29.
  3. "Don't You Touch My Nuts: Information Hiding In Cyber Physical Systems Using Smart Buildings",
    BioStar/IEEE Security and Privacy Workshops, San José, CA, 2017-05-25.
  4. "IT-Sicherheit mit BARNI (Building Automation Reliable Network Infrastructure)",
    Smart Home and Metering Summit 2016, München, Germany, 2016-06-29.
  5. "Forschung zur Sicherheit von Smart Buildings",
    SmartHome NRW-Event zur Sicherheit von Smart Homes, Bonn, Germany, 2016-04-26.
  6. "Novel Approaches for Network Covert Storage Channels",
    Guest talk at the Murdoch University, Perth, Australia, 2016-02-19.
  7. "IT-Sicherheit von Smart Homes: Chancen und Risiken",
    Landeskriminalamt (LKA) Niedersachsen, Hannover, Germany, 2016-01-28.
  8. "Security in Smart Building Networks",
    NRW.Invest / Germany at its best, Tower Bridge House, London, United Kingdom, 2015-12-03.
  9. inHaus-Event: "Sicherheit von Smart Homes" (event moderator),
    Fraunhofer inHaus-Zentrum, Duisburg, Germany, 2015-11-17.
  10. "Your house knows what you did last summer" (talk and panel),
    ECO Internet Security Days (ISD) 2015, Brühl, Germany, 2015-09-17.
  11. "BACtag – Data Leakage Protection für Gebäude",
    D-A-CH Security 2015, St. Augustin, Germany, 2015-09-09.
  12. "Analysis of Human Awareness of Security and Privacy Threats in Smart Environments",
    Human Aspects of Information Security, Privacy and Trust Conference, Los Angeles, United States, 2015-08-06.
  13. "Auf dem Weg zum sicheren Smart Building",
    Forum Bauindustrie 2015, Zurich, Switzerland, 2015-05-21.
  14. "Smart Buildings -- sind sie kritische Infrastrukturen?",
    Workshop des AK KRITIS, Bonn, Germany, 2015-04-24.
  15. Vortrag über den wissenschaftlichen Ausblick auf die Cyber Security der Zukunft,
    2. Mannheimer Symposium des IKZ „Möglichkeiten und Auswirkungen des Cyberspace“, Mannheim, Germany, 2014-11-06.
  16. "Hidden and Uncontrolled: The Emergence of Network Steganography",
    ISSE 2014, Brussels, Belgium, 2014-10-14.
  17. "Area of Interest on Trustworthy (Hyperconnected) Infrastructure (of NIS-P. WG3): Short Progress Report",
    Seminar on Road-mapping Cybersecurity Research and Innovation, Florence, Italy, 2014-10-08.
  18. "Netzwerksicherheit in BACnet-Systemen" (talk and panel),
    GLT Anwendertagung, Dresden, Germany, 2014-09-25.
  19. "BACnet Security and Botnets",
    SANS European ICS Security Summit, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, 2014-09-22.
  20. "Alice's Adventures in Smart Building Land – Novel Adventures in a Cyber Physical Environment",
    Hack in the Box (HITB), Amsterdam, The Netherlands, 2014-05-29/30.
  21. "Smart Insecure Buildings",
    ITEC 2014 (International Training and Education Conference), Cologne, Germany, 2014-05-21.
  22. "Smart Industrial Buildings: Sicherheit für Automation und Management von Gebäuden",
    2. VDI Fachkonferenz Industrial IT Security, Frankfurt, Germany, 2014-05-07.
  23. "Area of Interest on Trustworthy (Hyperconnected) Infrastructures",
    NIS Platform WG3 Meeting, Brussels, Belgium, 2014-04-49.
  24. taking part at the panel "Towards defining priorities for cybersecurity research in Horzon 2020's work programme 2016-2017 Contributions from the Working Group on Secure ICT - Research and Innovation of the NIS Platform"
    Trust in the Digital World Conference (TDW), Vienna, Austria, 2014-04-08.
  25. "Envisioning Smart Building Botnets",
    GI Sicherheit 2014, Vienna, Austria, 2014-03-21.
  26. "Data Leakage Protection: Zukünftige Herausforderungen zur Sicherung von Vertraulichkeit",
    Chemnitzer Linuxtage 2014, Chemnitz, Germany, 2014-03-15/16.
  27. "Zukünftige Herausforderungen für die Sicherheit Smarter Gebäude",
    21th DFN Workshop „Sicherheit in vernetzten Systemen“, Hamburg, Germany, 2014-02-18.
  28. "Currently Addressed Challenges in Smart Building Security Research at Fraunhofer FKIE",
    9th IT4SE Workshop, Augsburg, Germany, 2013-12-06.
  29. Keynote: "Nach dem Angriff: Versteckte Exfiltration vertraulicher Daten",
    Heise Events Konferenztag "Prism, Tempora und Co. – Rezepte gegen den Abhörwahn", Köln, Germany, 2013-12-03.
  30. "Hiding Privacy Leaks in Android Applications Using Low-Attention Raising Covert Channels",
    ARES ECTCM Workshop, Regensburg, Germany, 2013-09-04.
  31. "Novel Approaches for Network Covert Storage Channels"
    PhD thesis defense talk at the University of Hagen, Hagen, Germany, 2013-05-07.
  32. "Novel Approaches for Network Covert Channels"
    Invited talk at Fraunhofer FKIE, Bonn, Germany, 2013-04-18.
  33. "Covert Channel-internal Control Protocols"
    Oberseminar at TUHH, Hamburg, Germany, 2013-04-16.
  34. "Ich weiß, was du letzte Woche getan hast! Seitenkanäle in der Gebäudeautomation",
    Chemnitzer Linuxtage 2013, Chemnitz, Germany, Mar-17-2013.
  35. "The future of data exfiltration and malicious communication",
    TROOPERS'13, Heidelberg, Germany, Mar-13-2013.
  36. "Sicherheit in Sozialen Netzwerken",
    Mitgliederversammlung Genossenschaftsbank Unterallgäu, Ottobeuren, Germany, Mar-21-2013.
  37. "Datenschutz und Datensicherheit im Zeitalter Sozialer Netzwerke",
    Forum Mindelheim/Genossenschaftsbank Unterallgäu eG, Mindelheim, Germany, Mar-18-2013.
  38. "Dynamic Routing in Covert Channel Overlays Based on Control Protocols",
    International Workshop on Information Security, Theory and Practice (ISTP-2012), London, United Kingdom, Dec-10-2012.
  39. "IT4SE Building Automation Security Research"
    6th IT4SE Workshop, Augsburg, Germany, Nov-30-2012.
  40. "Covert Channels and their Prevention in Building Automation Protocols – A Prototype Exemplified Using BACnet",
    2nd Workshop on Security of Systems and Software Resiliency, Besançon, France, Nov-20-2012.
  41. "Systematic Engineering of Control Protocols for Covert Channels",
    13th Conference on Communications and Multimedia Security (CMS), Canterbury, United Kingdom, Sep-04-2012.
  42. "Control Protocols for Network Covert Channels",
    7th GI FG SIDAR Graduierten-Workshop über Reaktive Sicherheit (SPRING), Berlin, Germany, Jul-06-2012.
  43. "Covert and Side Channels in Buildings and the Prototype of a Building-aware Active Warden",
    IEEE Workshop on Security and Forensics in Communication Systems, Ottawa, Canada, Jun-15-2012.
  44. "Security in building automation systems and the prevention of malicious data communication in building automation networks",
    5th IT4SE Workshop, Hochschule Augsburg, Germany, Jun-06-2012.
  45. "Usability Aspects of BAS Forensics",
    5th IT4SE Workshop, Hochschule Augsburg, Germany, Jun-06-2012.
  46. "Design and Implementation of an Active Warden Addressing Protocol Switching Covert Channels",
    7th ICIMP Conference (IARIA), Stuttgart, Germany, May-28-2012.
  47. "Sicherheit im Bereich der Gebäudeautomation",
    Linux-Informationstag der LUGA, Augsburg, Germany, Mar-24-2012.
  48. "The Problem of Traffic Normalization Within a Covert Channel's Network Environment Learning Phase"
    GI Sicherheit 2012, Darmstadt, Germany, Mar-08-2012.
  49. "Micro protocols and dynamic protocol switches in network covert channels",
    Guest Talk at the Swinburne University, Melbourne, Australia, Jan-12-2012.
  50. "A Secure Interoperable Architecture for Building-Automation Applications",
    4th International Symposium on Applied Sciences in Biomedical and Communication Technologies, Barcelona, Spain, Oct-27-2011.
  51. "Low-attention forwarding for mobile network covert channels",
    IFIP 12th Communications and Multimedia Security (CMS) 2011, Ghent, Belgium, Oct-21-2011.
  52. "Verdeckte Kanäle: Informationen durch die Hintertür",
    Datenspuren 2011, Dresden, Germany, Oct-15-2011.
  53. "Verdeckte Kanäle - Neuland für freie Software",
    Open-Source-Treffen München, Germany, Jul-22-2011.
  54. "Aktuelle Techniken und Methoden der verdeckten Kommunikationskanäle",
    Chaos Singularity (CoSin) 2011, Biel, Switzerland, Jun-25-2011.
  55. "Europäische Forschungsprojekte im Schnittbereich IT und erneuerbare Energien",
    1st IT4SE-Workshop, Augsburg University of Applied Sciences, Augsburg, Germany, Dec-07-2010.
  56. "Einführung in verdeckte Kanäle (Covert Channels)"
    9. Linux-Infotag der Linux-Usergroup Augsburg (LUGA), Augsburg, Germany, Mar-27-2010.
  57. "Protocol Hopping Covert Channels und Protocol Channels"
    MetaRheinMain ChaosDays 0x8, Darmstadt, Germany, Sep-06-2009.
  58. "Hostbasierte Sicherheit und Linux-Hardening"
    Secure Linux Administration Conference (SLAC), Berlin, Germany, Dec-07-2006.