Open Theses Topics

I am currently offering thesis topics within, but not limited to, the following areas:
  • network covert channels / network steganography / network information hiding
  • security of smart buildings / Internet of Things (IoT) / smart cities
  • design and implementation of extensions for selected open source software projects
  • topics under the umbrella of my funded projects
All mentioned topics require either network-level programming skills, knowledge of network protocols and/or skills in information security. In general, I support the open source publication of developed code (under the condition of a good code quality). Good skills in spoken and written English and skills in the particular research field are considered a strong plus.

As shown below (indicated by *), I support the publication of research results of theses and help my students to create scientific papers out of these. Please be aware that I generally avoid to advise theses without scientific topics and that I am not willing to sign any NDAs. Please also make use of the courses of our local university library that teach you how to find relevant publications for your thesis.

Supervised Theses

I was first or second advisor of the following theses (only successful or ongoing theses are listed):

Master's Theses

      1. Dr. G. Hodina: Design and Evaluation of a Framework for Information Hiding Patterns, University of Hagen, 2016/17.
      2. E. Taktakidze: Slope as visual encoding feature for building automation sensor data visualization, University of Bonn, 2016. 
      3. D. Balzien: Implementierung einer Covert Channel Detektionsbibliothek auf Basis des Netzwerk Intrusion Detection / Prevention Systems SNORT, University of Hagen, 2015/16.
      4. M. von W.-M.: Design and evaluation of a BACnet testbed using a network simulator, University of Hagen, 2015.
      5. J. Kaur: Countering Covert Channel-internal Control Protocols with Covert Channel-internal Control Protocols, University of Bonn, 2014.*
      6. S. Hauck: Symbolzuweisung in verdeckten Kanälen mit Fehlerschranken, University of Hagen, 2014.
      7. M. Naumann: Kontrollprotokolle für steganografische Kanäle, University of Hagen, 2013/2014.*
      8. J. Naumann: Symbolzuweisung in verdeckten Kanälen bei probabilistischer Mehrfachzuweisung, University of Hagen, 2013/2014.
      9. P. Backs: Automatisches Routing in einem Mikroprotokoll für Covert-Channel Netze, University of Hagen, 2011/12.*

      Bachelor's Theses

        1. F. Link: t.b.a., Hochschule Worms, 2017.
        2. P. Schuster: Abwehrmechanismen gegen verdeckte Kanäle -- protokollunabhängig und musterpasiert, University of Hagen, 2015/16.
        3. P. Theus: Analyse des Potentials für den Einsatz von Steganografie in automatisierten Gebäuden, University of Bonn, 2015/16.
        4. E. Anhaus: Data Leakage Protection für Gebäude, University of Hagen, 2014.*
        5. H. Härpfer: Implementierung eines Snort Normalizers für den BACnet/IP Network-Layer, University of Hagen, 2014.
        6. A. Tost: Analyse der Normalisierungsmöglichkeiten im Kontext von Safety-Funktionen im BACnet, University of Hagen, 2013/2014.
        7. M. Weg: Implementierung eines Active Wardens für BACnet, University of Hagen, 2013/2014.
        8. R. Wirth: Usability-Ansätze für Forensik in der Gebäudeautomation, Augsburg University of Applied Sciences, 2013.*
        9. B. Kahler: Das anonyme Netzwerk TOR und versteckte Kommunikation, Augsburg University of Applied Sciences, 2011/12.
          * = became either single author or co-author of a scientific publication to which the thesis contributed (currently n=5 out of 18 students; 28%).

          Worms University of Applied Sciences

          • summer term 2017:
            • Network Security (Netzwerksicherheit)
            • Master Seminar II, Adv. Topics of Information Security
            • Operating Systems (Betriebssystemkomponenten)
            • Computer Networks (Rechnernetze)
          • winter term 2016/17:
            • Operating Systems (Betriebssystemkomponenten)
            • Computer Networks (Rechnernetze)
            • Cryptography (Kryptographie)

          University of Bonn 

          • summer term 2016:
            • giving selected lectures on IT security at the M.Sc. level
          • summer term 2015:
            • supervising a master lab [related to network information hiding]
            • giving selected lectures on IT security at the M.Sc. level
          • winter term 2014/15:
            • supervising a master lab [security-related event visualization of building automation environments]
          • summer term 2014:
            • supervising a master seminar student [information hiding research]


          Courses and Supervised Projects at Augsburg University of Applied Sciences

          • summer term 2014
            • "Data Communication" course
          • winter term 2013/14
            • teaching 'Tunneling, Network Steganography and Covert Channels'
          • summer term 2013
            • (co-)mentoring of four project groups in computer science
              • Informationssystem für sicherheitskritische Komponenten
              • Sicherer Remote-Zugriff auf Automationsanlagen
              • Weiterentwicklung der Wetterstation der HS Augsburg 1: User Interface
              • Weiterentwicklung der Wetterstation der HS Augsburg 2: Systemerweiterung
            • teaching 50% of the course "Data Communication"
            • Supervision of one BSc thesis
          • winter term 2012/13
            • Teaching CS fundamentals in the context of the "Startklar" course
          • summer term 2012
            • teaching 50% of the course "Data Communication"
            • (co-)mentoring of 2 CS student project groups
              • Planungs- und Simulationswerkzeug für virtuelle Kraftwerke
              • Sichere Middleware zur Automatisierten Gebäudesteuerung
            • supvervising different theses
            • leading the HSASec "building automation security" sub-group
            • April 2012: Linux-Einsteigerkurs für Studentinnen, Frauenbüro der Hochschule Augsburg.
          • winter term 2011/12
            • supervising two theses
          • summer term 2011
            • teaching 60% of the course "Data Communication" (standing in for Prof. Dr. Rohrmair)
            • co-mentoring of 2 student project groups for the IT4SE research project
              • Entwicklung einer web-basierten eMetering Infrastruktur für private Wohneinheiten
              • Entwicklung eines interaktiven Micro-Grid Simulators
            • co-mentoring "Umweltinformatik" (environmental computer science), Prof. Dr. Scholz.
            • April 2011: Linux-Aufbaukurs für Studentinnen (Grundlagen der Administration), Frauenbüro der Hochschule Augsburg.
          • winter term 2010/11:
            • November 2010: Linux-Einsteigerkurs für Studentinnen, Frauenbüro der Hochschule Augsburg.