Open Theses Topics

I am currently offering thesis topics for, but not limited to, the following topics:
  • network covert channels / network steganography
  • security of smart buildings / Internet of Things (IoT) / smart cities
  • design and implementation of extensions for selected open source software projects
  • topics under the umbrella of my funded projects
All mentioned topics require either network-level programming skills, knowledge of network protocols and/or skills in information security. If you decide to work in one of these areas, I can offer to support the open source publication of your code and -- given an excellent quality of your thesis -- the co-authorship on a possible academic publication that benefits from your work. Good skills in spoken and written English and skills in the particular research field are considered a strong plus.

Supervised Theses

I was first or second advisor of the following theses (only successful or ongoing theses are listed):

Master's Theses

      1. Dr. G. Hodina: Design and Evaluation of a Framework for Information Hiding Patterns, University of Hagen, 2016/17.
      2. E. Taktakidze: Slope as visual encoding feature for BAS sensor data visualization, University of Bonn, 2016. 
      3. D. Balzien: Implementierung einer Covert Channel Detektionsbibliothek auf Basis des Netzwerk Intrusion Detection / Prevention Systems SNORT, University of Hagen, 2015/16.
      4. M. von W.-M.: Design and evaluation of a BACnet testbed using a network simulator, University of Hagen, 2015.
      5. J. Kaur: Countering Covert Channel-internal Control Protocols with Covert Channel-internal Control Protocols, University of Bonn, 2014.*
      6. S. Hauck: Symbolzuweisung in verdeckten Kanälen mit Fehlerschranken, University of Hagen, 2014.
      7. M. Naumann: Kontrollprotokolle für steganografische Kanäle, University of Hagen, 2013/2014.*
      8. J. Naumann: Symbolzuweisung in verdeckten Kanälen bei probabilistischer Mehrfachzuweisung, University of Hagen, 2013/2014.
      9. P. Backs: Automatisches Routing in einem Mikroprotokoll für Covert-Channel Netze, University of Hagen, 2011/12.*

      Bachelor's Theses

        1. F. Link: t.b.a., Hochschule Worms, 2017.
        2. P. Schuster: Abwehrmechanismen gegen verdeckte Kanäle -- protokollunabhängig und musterpasiert, University of Hagen, 2015/16.
        3. P. Theus: Analyse des Potentials für den Einsatz von Steganografie in automatisierten Gebäuden, University of Bonn, 2015/16.
        4. E. Anhaus: Data Leakage Protection für Gebäude, University of Hagen, 2014.*
        5. H. Härpfer: Implementierung eines Snort Normalizers für den BACnet/IP Network-Layer, University of Hagen, 2014.
        6. A. Tost: Analyse der Normalisierungsmöglichkeiten im Kontext von Safety-Funktionen im BACnet, University of Hagen, 2013/2014.
        7. M. Weg: Implementierung eines Active Wardens für BACnet, University of Hagen, 2013/2014.
        8. R. Wirth: Usability-Ansätze für Forensik in der Gebäudeautomation, Augsburg University of Applied Sciences, 2013.*
        9. B. Kahler: Das anonyme Netzwerk TOR und versteckte Kommunikation, Augsburg University of Applied Sciences, 2011/12.
          * = contributed to a research paper and became a co-author of the paper (currently 6 students).

          Worms University of Applied Sciences

          • summer term 2017:
            • Network Security (Netzwerksicherheit)
            • Master Seminar II, Adv. Topics of Information Security
            • Operating Systems (Betriebssystemkomponenten)
            • Computer Networks (Rechnernetze)
          • winter term 2016/17:
            • Operating Systems (Betriebssystemkomponenten)
            • Computer Networks (Rechnernetze)
            • Cryptography (Kryptographie)

          University of Bonn 

          • summer term 2016:
            • giving selected lectures on IT security at the M.Sc. level
          • summer term 2015:
            • supervising a master lab [related to network information hiding]
            • giving selected lectures on IT security at the M.Sc. level
          • winter term 2014/15:
            • supervising a master lab [security-related event visualization of building automation environments]
          • summer term 2014:
            • supervising a master seminar student [information hiding research]


          Courses and Supervised Projects at Augsburg University of Applied Sciences

          • summer term 2014
            • "Data Communication" course
          • winter term 2013/14
            • teaching 'Tunneling, Network Steganography and Covert Channels'
          • summer term 2013
            • (co-)mentoring of four project groups in computer science
              • Informationssystem für sicherheitskritische Komponenten
              • Sicherer Remote-Zugriff auf Automationsanlagen
              • Weiterentwicklung der Wetterstation der HS Augsburg 1: User Interface
              • Weiterentwicklung der Wetterstation der HS Augsburg 2: Systemerweiterung
            • teaching 50% of the course "Data Communication"
            • Supervision of one BSc thesis
          • winter term 2012/13
            • Teaching CS fundamentals in the context of the "Startklar" course
          • summer term 2012
            • teaching 50% of the course "Data Communication"
            • (co-)mentoring of 2 CS student project groups
              • Planungs- und Simulationswerkzeug für virtuelle Kraftwerke
              • Sichere Middleware zur Automatisierten Gebäudesteuerung
            • supvervising different theses
            • leading the HSASec "building automation security" sub-group
            • April 2012: Linux-Einsteigerkurs für Studentinnen, Frauenbüro der Hochschule Augsburg.
          • winter term 2011/12
            • supervising two theses
          • summer term 2011
            • teaching 60% of the course "Data Communication" (standing in for Prof. Dr. Rohrmair)
            • co-mentoring of 2 student project groups for the IT4SE research project
              • Entwicklung einer web-basierten eMetering Infrastruktur für private Wohneinheiten
              • Entwicklung eines interaktiven Micro-Grid Simulators
            • co-mentoring "Umweltinformatik" (environmental computer science), Prof. Dr. Scholz.
            • April 2011: Linux-Aufbaukurs für Studentinnen (Grundlagen der Administration), Frauenbüro der Hochschule Augsburg.
          • winter term 2010/11:
            • November 2010: Linux-Einsteigerkurs für Studentinnen, Frauenbüro der Hochschule Augsburg.